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DescriptionA Serbian institution which is a daughter company of the faculty, engaged in linking researches for relevant subjects, with established network of contacts in industry, and collaboration with companies, is offering subcontracting services and commercial services for research in the area of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and management. Serbian institution is interested in enhancing the technological cooperation with universities, economic operators, high technology clusters, enterprises, through outsourcing and joint venture. The institution is also looking for joint venture possibilities with other research institutions in the EU.
Organization Type Company
Phone+381 11 3302 497
CityBelgrade, Kraljice Marije 16 Google map
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    Serbia producer of briquettes and pellets from biomass seeks distributors and commercial representat

    The Serbian company was founded in 2002 and its products have been sold in the domestic market for over 10 years using well established distribution network. The company has 15 employees and a current production capacity of about 800 tons of briquettes per month. In case of high demand, the company can increase the production up to 1,600 tones of briquettes per month, because it has two high-quality machines in reserve. The company is dedicated to maintaining supplies throughout the year to cope with demand. In terms of biomass and the potential of Serbia in this regard, the company is a member of the Energy Committee of the Executive Council of Vojvodina.
    The company's stock lasts all year. Briquettes can be ordered at any time. If they are ordered during the low season (spring / summer), the price is extra discounted. The company always has 2-3 thousand tonnes in stock, so there is no waiting for any common amount of briquettes. Production takes place every day in three shifts, thus the inventories are always quickly restored and maintained. If the client has its own transport, briquettes could be delivered at the production site, 6 days a week, at any time of the day, since the company operates in three shifts. If the company should provide transport, briquettes will be delivered within 2 working days in Serbia, depending on the previously contracted deliveries. For delivery abroad, a client should call the company to make arrangements. For the agreed quantities and delivery dates the company bear financial responsibility, defined by the contract.

    The company is looking for commercial representatives and/or distributors of its products on European market and in the region (in particular Montenegro, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria).

    Cooperation Requested
    1. Sales / Distribution

    Serbian company offers consulting services in area of biogas plants

    The company is new, established in 2015, and built around a team of experts who created the first biogas plant in Serbia. The ideas for this company originated after government of Republic of Serbia has adopted a set of regulations in 2009, governing the production of energy from renewable sources. The company's team followed ever-since development of regulations in Serbia and in the region (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia). The company is also following global technological trends for reducing CO2 emission, greenhouse effect, and for environmental protection.

    Services offered by the company are: education and information – on all subjects related to biogas technology and implementation, feasibility study for biogas power plants, support and guidance in reviewing financial possibilities, consulting during the project design, construction and operation of biogas power plant, complete construction of biogas power plants with foreign and domestic partners on a “turnkey” principle. The SME is also interested to act as a subcontractor on bigger projects.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Other

    Expires:10 Feb 2017 Serbian manufacturer of cutting and angle tools, spare parts and industri

    The Serbian company was founded in 1935, and has a long tradition in manufacturing of high quality cutting tools, special tools, machine accessories, and spare parts. The company produces tools for ratchet and profile cutter: boaches, gear hobs, gear milling cutter for chains splinted shafts, warm gear hobs, disc shaped milling cutters, tapping cutters, and circular cogged knifes. The company produces tools for making bevel spur gears and tools for high-speed cutting steel - cutters, milling cutters with stick and hole, reamers and counter bores.

    The company produces also tools with carbide tip - cutter, milling heads, milling knifes, concrete drills, counter bores, fluted reamers, rotating tools for rock and concrete, mining tool, and pneumatic hammer. The company produces following attachments for machines: clamping head, for NC and CNC machines, thorns, bushes (clamped and reducing), drilled rods, revolving tail-stock and dead center.

    The special tools produced by the company are tools for jet spraying of plastic, tools for punching and plate finishing, tools for casting rubber, tools for aluminum and non-ferrous metals, tools for foundries and form tools for food industry.

    The products are applicable in the machine building industry, oil and gas industry, road and railroad traffic, mining and cement industry, food and agriculture industry, textile, and graphic industry, electricity, structural machine industry, etc. The company's products fulfill standards ISO, DIN, and (Serbian) JUS. The company puts effort on constant technical and technological improvements of its products. The company has already a presence on the markets of Germany, Austria, Canada, and Russia.

    The company seeks distributors and commercial representatives for the sale of products. The company is looking for partners in EU countries or present in the third countries. There is no requirements regarding the size of the partner company, the partners should have a developed network of clients and a well established presence on the market.

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Sales / Distribution