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DescriptionDatalab Agro is an ambitious young company developing best-of-breed software for agriculture. In recent years Datalab Agro has become one of the biggest IT solutions groups for agriculture in the EU region. Its product is PANTHEON Farming for complete management of farming operations and finances.It is a cloud-based or on-site software solution for farm management, specifically tailored for the information and working needs of farmers. PANTHEON Farming is localized both in terms of legislation and language of the country where it is used. The solution is based on Datalab's knowledge and success of PANTHEON family of business softwares with almost 48.000 users all over Europe. More on: www.datalab.
Organization Type Company
CityLjubljana, Hajdrihova 28c Google map
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      PANTHEON Farming -complete farm management SW solution

      It is a new ERP completely adapted to agricultural processes. It is a cloud based or on-premise SW solution for farm management. It covers all farm processes, from data gathering, to giving basis for timely and economical decisions and accounting for farms of all sizes and sectors.
      Considering how complex farming is today, we’ve combined different agricultural lines of business into one system, including applications, various integrations of IoT, web service based data delivery, and a complete back office. Everything adapted to the needs of the farmer.

      Keywords: farming management information systemsmart farminglivestock modulcrops modulwine modulfruits&nuts modulmobile appcomplete farming SWsustainable businessfertilizationfeeding planmilking mach
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