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Ageapol d.o.o.

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Descriptionirrigation and greenhouses
Organization Type Producer,
CityNova Gorica, Bukovica 1 Google map
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    We are producing an up-to-date systems for localized irrigation of fieldcrops, garden produce, orchards, nurseries, green houses, vegetables and flowers under plastic covers, gardens, parks and other green surfaces.
    In planning the systems, every specific economic, agronomic, topographic, pedological, hydrological and climatic contraint and demand is taken into account. Irrigation systems can be compose with control head(water suply, pumps, fertirrigation, regulation and automation, hydrants...), primary pipes, lateral pipes with drippers, minisprinklers, gun-sprinklers...
    Each plant requires its oun particular way of irrigation or even its own tipe of sprinkling (dripping). Consequently we have prepared a wide choise of Ageapol distribution elements, so that we can satisfy all the requirements.

    We produce and mount wide range of green houses of various sizes and shapes:
    - small plastic covers at highher prices, wich can lean against other buildings or can stand by them selves, and whose quality is appropriate for the production of food for individual needs.
    - semi-profesional plastic covers for surfaces from 30 to 150 square meters, without additional equipment, assuring economical production out of season - i.e. in intermediate times (winter-spring and autumn-winter)
    - professional green-houses, of different sizes and shapes for the whole year production, with reguleted climetic conditions;a large variety of constructions are avaible (plastic, metal), the same goes for coverings (glass, PeS, multi-strata hard covering PC, EVA or PE folio,...) and additional fitting (irrigation system, heating, cooling, automatic regulation, aeration, shadtng, mulching, supports, etc.).

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Manufacturing agreement
    2. Sales / Distribution