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DescriptionThe Pekarna Pečjak, d. o. o. bakery is the leading Slovenian company for the production of frozen products made of puff pastry, yeasted puff pastry, filo dough and potato choux pastry such as croissants, sweet strudels, salty strudels (burek), gnocchi, dumplings, etc. We have gained the confidence of consumers on the domestic market with the high quality of our products, straightforward and fast preparation, and above all- the excellent taste of products. With its active approach, Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o. managed to develop a high degree of trust by its customers in the quality of its products, which is being shown in the high sales numbers for frozen products. This was first achieved on the domestic market in Slovenia, where the company has a nearly 60 % market share. The company strictly follows its motto “Dedicated to Quality”, in the field of a superior quality of its products as well as in the field of caring for the customer in terms of healthy and safe food. It constantly looks to improve the quality of existing products and develop new ones. The company invests a lot of effort in a genuine, personal contact with its customers and into a delivery service of the highest possible quality. It is the aim of Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o. to build a long-term business co-operation with its customers and suppliers, based on mutual respect and honesty, also taking into account their needs and wishes. Its suppliers view Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o. as a demanding, but reliable partner, which is reflected in the quality of its products. We produce in compliance with the principles of the HACCP system and have also acquired the certificates for the ISO 9001/2008 , IFS(higher level) and HALAL standard. As the first bakery in Slovenia, we obtained the veterinarian oval stamp for the mass-production and export of products containing meat . We devote a great deal of attention to the protection of health of the consumers and the protection of the environment. We select only the highest quality ingredients; among other , 100% GMO Free ingredients, vegetable fats with the lowest possible content of trans fatty acids (below 1%), and no generic/fake ones. Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o. is proud to say that their strongest preservative is cold! We have an excellent track record working with the largest Slovenian retail chains in the areas of sale on store shelves and bake-off (in-store baking of frozen products). We also cooperate successfully with numerous large buyers such as those in hotel, restaurant and catering industries as we are capable of adapting to their specific requirements. Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o has succeeded with a break-through on the home and foreign markets with a wide range of tasty products ready to bake, cooking or frying, which do not require much of our time before they can be put on the table. Sales successes prove that these products were accepted by various groups of consumers – of different age groups, gender, living standards and lifestyles. For their quality, the products of Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o have been awarded numerous prizes at various fairs. Upon the accession of Slovenia into the EU, we successfully endured the pressure of foreign competition on the Slovenian market..even more , we increased our market share. We also took advantage of the better opportunities for penetrating the European market consumers resulting from the abolition of customs obstacles with regard to quality and taste, the products of Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o are among the very best in Europe. The production process of Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o is among the most flexible ones in this branch, since we are able, in case of emergency, to react within 24 hours. We are present with our products central Europe wide, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle East Balkans and Malta. Just to know: Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o is the biggest producer of famous burek in the EU. Pekarna Pečjak d. o. o sells its products also under the brand name Take&Bake; it is designed for the foreign markets only.
Organization Type Producer
Organization Size250+
Founding Year1972
City1236 OIC Trzin, Prevale 2 Google map
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