DJuradj Caranovic

Business Developer
Moja Basta
DescriptionMoja Bašta is Serbian's leading production company by quality of EU certified premium organic food. Our range includes more than 37 products including; vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey nuts, dried-fruits, grains, seeds, pulses, cereals, many specialty foods that are difficult to find, plus much more!

We are committed to produce great tasting organic food that don't cost the earth. We believe in providing the food that nature has provided for us and passing it onto people in the way that it was intended to be eaten and enjoyed. We call this food, ‘Real food’; it is pure & simple with nothing weird or nasty in it.

We have special part of production for pregnant women, children, animals and healthcare.
No product in our range contains artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, GMO’s or trans-fats...

We believe in our passion and certainty to produce premium organic food, and to share it with others.

You probably know Moja Bašta as a trusted source of delicious and healthful organic foods, but did you know that the key to our success is our cooperative business model? The over 180 farm families who produce our premium quality food products share a voice in the future of our business—because they own it! The central mission of our cooperative is to support rural communities by protecting the health of the family farm—working toward both economic and environmental sustainability. Our stable, self-determined farmer pay prices and our love of the land are the best assurance that our co-op members will be able to continue the tradition of organic farming into the next generation. Building our base of loyal customers allows us to bring more farm families into the cooperative, along with the land, water, and animals that they protect.

Together with you, we are crafting a new vision for family farming and healthy food in Serbia!
Organization Type Producer
Organization Size51-100
Founding Year2010
CityBelgrade, Petrogradska 10 Google map
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        IT in Agriculture

        We started to develop several projects for IT in agriculture.

        - Drones
        - tractors on solar energy
        - automatizaton for green houses

        Also we have our software development department specialized for agriculture.

        Keywords: dronesautomatizationgreen houseorganicpremiumsolarIt in agriculture
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