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DescriptionThe Dolenjska Distillery and Chocolatier in Slovenia nestles at the foot of the ancient, forest of Końćevski Rog, the largest primeval forest in central Europe. The place of creations sits alongside natural spring waters the source of which flow beneath the canopy of ancient trees of the forest to emerge in the aquifer adjacent to the distillery and providing a distinct, rich and velvety taste to the unique Berryshka range of spirits, liqueurs and handmade artisan chocolates.
Organization Type Producer
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2012
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    Berryshka is proud to be a Slovenian international award winning brand of premium quality. In the wide range there are fruit liqueurs, spirits, handcrafted artisan pralines and truffles. Berryshka offers a modern, elegant design of premium quality.

    We use only the best ingredients combined with environmentally responsible, renewable energy and modern technological distillation process.

    For real passionable gourmets, daring adventurers who can take the time to enjoy the moment of divine flavours.

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